4. Utilities and Services in Smart Cities

Utilities and Services 

in Smart Cities

Track Incharge:

Prof. Naved Ahsan

Professor, JMI

In a smart city, smart urban utilities play a significant role at various stages including their planning, execution, operation and maintenance. Several utilities such as power and water supply systems, sewage and municipal solid wastes collection along with their treatment and disposal are important and inevitable features of any city. Urban utility services in an smart city are difficult to be conceived without application of various modern tools and technologies including remote sensing, global positioning systems, geographic information systems, as wells as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. They are integral components of urban utilities particularly in smart cities. The present Track is intended to focus on application of these techniques and technologies in various aspects of urban utility services. The Track shall encompass following areas of interests:

Sub Tracks:

• Smart Water Distribution and Sewerage Systems

• Automated Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

• Smart Solid Waste Collection, Treatment and Disposal Systems

• Smart Power Supply and Metering

• Application of SCADA in urban utilities

• Automated Sewage Management System

• Route Optimization

• Landfill Waste Management