2. Urban Planning and Smart City

Urban Planning and Smart City 

Track Incharge:

Prof. Jamal Ansari

Dr. Kusum Lata Khuranna 

SPA, New Delhi

Urban Planning is one of the core components of smart cities. A smart city cannot be conceived without elaborate and meticulous urban planning. Urban planning needs to be revisited so that city is planned in synchronization with the infrastructural and technological needs of a smart city. For planning and designing Smart Cities we need to know about : prevailing and emerging political economy of cities; smart city plans, or ‘digital master plans’; the content, planning process, and implementation approach.

Cities constitute not only infrastructure and buildings, but they also rely on the organizational, managerial and policy aspects that make the decisions for that city. City comprises of the complex number of interacting systems, which often resist integration of digital solutions and create hindrances in its effort to make itself “smart”. Some systems can be modelled easily, than others, to determine potential conflict building integrating technology, multimedia, intelligent systems and user interactivity to create customizable living and working spaces.

Smart city development and meeting sustainable development and climate change mitigation goals should go hand-in-hand for which a multi-scale, specially-tailored approach is pre-requisite and cross-sectoral planning is the need of the hour. The three level government officials should work with infrastructure developers in public and private space along with the think tanks in framing the policy, regulatory incentives, and effective compliance mechanisms to make changes in Indian infrastructure market. An understanding of public purposes and public interests is essential for planning a smart city that supports creation of livelihoods, and enhancement of economic growth.

Sub Tracks:

·         Determinants and Consequences of Urbanization

·         Patterns, Trends and Consequences of Urbanization

·         Migration and Urbanization

·         Urban Livelihoods: Urbanization and Well-being

·         Urban Planning and Policy

·         Transforming urban areas into livable places