14. Sustainability and Natural Resources


and Natural Resources 

Track Incharge:

Prof. Quamarul Hassan

JMI, New Delhi


The advent of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has made the access to information widespread across the spectrum of society, raising the aspiration of the people of a descent quality life a common objective. Better employment opportunities, economic activities complemented with health, education, communication, water, energy and other infrastructure, induce migration of people to urban centres causing exponential growth of urban centes and inequitable regional development. It has caused not only inequitable development and population distribution but also skewed resource consumption on a regional as well as at national level, constraining the development and acute resource scarcity. Competing demands of natural resources has caused the chaos, conflicts, instability and unsustainability in the past and will be more vigor in future. The ongoing development process of urbanization is practically irreversible. The society always looks for solution towards scientific, engineering community and policy makers for any impending crisis through technological and policy interventions. The concept of sustainable development (SD), first launched in World Conservation Strategy a joint report of IUCN, UNEP and WWF in 1980, has been so widespread that this features in the millions of web pages. According to “Our Common Future” also known as the Brundtland Report SD means development that that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  It is based on two concepts – the basic needs and the environmental limits. To fulfill the needs, economic development has to take place that requires resources which are limited and constrained by the environment. 

Sub Tracks:

• Growth, Development and sustainability 

• Strategy for Sustainable development – concepts and modelling 

• Environmental sustainability and Natural Resources

• Sustainability under uncertainty and climate change

• Technological Development and sustainability