13. Risk Reduction and Disaster

Risk Reduction and Disaster 

Track Incharge:

Prof. Khalid Moin

JMI, New Delhi

India is in the midst of converting its cities into ‘Smart’ cities. In the changing scenario, dealing with rapidly increasing disaster threats, especially in urban context, pose tremendous challenges. It becomes imperative not only to make cities smart but also resilient. Thus, making disaster management as an indissoluble organ of building resilient smart cities. 

Sub Tracks:

• Investing in Urban Resilience (prevention, mitigation, preparedness and resilient recovery) 

• Post disaster reconstruction – opportunities for creating resilience

• Making cities resilient – Smart Solutions 

• Recent urban disasters – lessons learnt 

• Retrofitting to the susceptible structures

• Seismic vulnerability of the structure

• Seismic design leading to risk reduction