Question: Where will selected papers be published?

Answer: All selected papers from registered authors shall be included in Conference Proceedings to be published by Springer.

Question: Will delegates get travel and accommodation allowance?

Answer: No. All travel or accommodation expenditure has to be borne themselves by the participants.

Question: If any author has more than one paper, then single registration is enough?

Answer: Yes. With single registration fee, the author can send as many papers as he/she wishes to.

Question: If a paper has more than one author, do all authors have to register and attend the conference?

Answer: No. Registration by one author is sufficient. The registered author has to present the paper himself/ herself.

Question: Can the presentation on the day of Conference be done online?

Answer: No. All presentation shall be made by presenters personally.

Question: If the presenter is not able to present the paper personally, will the paper be published or not?

Answer: All accepted papers from registered authors shall be published in the conference proceedings.

Question: Will the authors be notified in advance whether their paper will be published or not?

Answer: All corresponding authors will be intimated about the acceptance/rejection of paper.