15. Educational: Social and Health Infrastructure

Educational, Social 

and Health Infrastructure 

Track Incharge:

Prof. Mohd Miyan

Former Vice Chancellor, MANU, Hyderabad


Education is the most important aspect of making cities as smart cities, whether it is governance and providing services OR for those who are governed and are consumers. A smart city could be defined as a city that incorporates Information and Communication Technology to enhance the quality and performance of social infrastructure such as health, education, sports and social spaces. A smart city enhances the quality of living for its citizens by making use of latest and smart technology. Education system needs modernization and strengthening from the very start so that the service providers as well as users should be well versed with the latest developments in Information and communication technology. For this purpose, the Government needs to give special attention and provide adequate resources to educational institutions, health & sports. This will support the development and maintenance of a the status of a smart city as a smart city, because with time the technology will continue to develop and the citizens should be ready to make use of the latest technology.


Sub Tracks:

• Neighbourhood Education System/ Health clinic.

• Role of Educated Society or Management and Implementation of Smart Cities.

• Environmental Health and Cities.

• Role of Social and Sport Infrastructure on Society.